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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents

General FAQ

Navigating the Site


General FAQ

Question: Why do I need to register?
Answer: Registration may or may not be required by the administrator. Registration gives a member additional features such as uploading, having a favorite list, rating pictures and posting comments etc.
Question: How do I register?
Answer: Go to "Register" and fill out the required fields (and the optional ones if you want to).
If the Administrator has Email Activation enabled, then after submitting your information you should receive an email message at the address that you have submitted while registering, giving you instructions on how to activate your membership. Your membership must be activated in order for you to login.
Question: How Do I login?
Answer: Go to "Login", submit your username and password and check "Remember Me" so you will be logged in on the site if you should leave it.
IMPORTANT:Cookies must be enabled and the cookie from this site must not be deleted in order to use "Remember Me".
Question: Why can I not login?
Answer: Did you register and click the link that was sent to you via email?. The link will activate your account. For other login problems contact the site administrator.
Question: What if I forgot my password?
Answer: If this site has a "Forgot password" link then use it. Other than that contact the site administrator for a new password.
Question: How do I save a picture to "My Favorites"?
Answer: Click on a picture and click on the "picture info" link (Picture information); scroll down to the picture information set and click "Add to fav".
The administrator may have the "picture information" on by default.
IMPORTANT:Cookies must be enabled and the cookie from this site must not be deleted.
Question: How do I rate a file?
Answer: Click on a thumbnail and go to the bottom and choose a rating.
Question: How do I post a comment for a picture?
Answer: Click on a thumbnail and go to the bottom and post a comment.
Question: How do I upload a file?
Answer: Go to "Upload"and select the album that you want to upload to. Click "Browse," find the file to upload, and click "open." Add a title and description if you want. Click "Submit".

Alternatively, for those users using Windows XP, you can upload multiple files directly to your own private albums using the XP Publishing wizard.
For instructions on how, and to get the required registry file, click here.
Question: What type and size of a file can I upload?
Answer: The size and type (jpg, png, etc.) is up to the administrator.
Question: What are cookies?
Answer: Cookies are a plain text piece of data that is sent from a website and is put on to your computer.
Cookies usually allow a user to leave and return to the site without having to login again and other various chores.
Question: Where can I get this program for my site?
Answer: Coppermine is a free Multimedia Gallery, released under GNU GPL. It is full of features and has been ported to various platforms. Visit the Coppermine Home Page to find out more or download it.

Navigating the Site

Question: What's "Album List"?
Answer: This will show you the entire category you are currently in, with a link to each album. If you are not in a category, it will show you the entire gallery with a link to each category. Thumbnails may be a link to the category.
Question: What's "My Gallery"?
Answer: This feature lets users create their own galleries and add, delete or modify albums as well as upload to them.
Question: What's "Last Uploads"?
Answer: This feature shows the last uploads to the site.
Question: What's "Last Comments"?
Answer: This feature shows the last comments along with the files posted by users.
Question: What's "Most Viewed"?
Answer: This feature shows the most viewed files by all users (whether logged in or not).
Question: What's "Top Rated"?
Answer: This feature shows the top rated files rated by the users, showing the average rating (e.g: five users each gave a : the file would have an average rating of ;Five users rated the file from 1 to 5 (1,2,3,4,5) would result in an average .)
The ratings go from best (best) to worst (worst).
Question: What's "My Favorites"?
Answer: This feature will let a user store a favorite file in the cookie that was sent to your computer.


Правило добавления фотографий
Уважаемые посетители! Представляем Вашему галерею драгоценных камней, на которой Вы увидите лучшие экспонаты ювелирного искусства. Вы также можете поделиться своей коллекцией с другими ползователями и загружать фотографии камней прямо на наш сайт. Для этого Вам нужно пройти несложную процедуру регистрации.

  • Вы можете загружать фотографии на сайт
  • задавать вопросы эксперту
  • создавать и обсуждать любой вопрос на тему драгоценных камней в форуме

Для загрузки фото
Для начала Вам надо пройти процесс регистрации на нашем сайте. Если Вы уже зарегистрированы, просто войдите в систему и нажмите кнопку "Загрузить файл". Добавьте свои фотографии и нажмите "Продолжить". Далее укажите альбом, в котором будет храниться Ваше фото, а также название фотографии. Всё предельно просто, но максимально эффективно, так как Ваше фото увидит вся страна!

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